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Online casino games, like Texas Holdem poker, have become a huge business in the last few years. With millions of people playing poker and winning billions of pounds in total prizes over the last five years, it's no wonder that people want to get in on the action for themselves. It seems everyone wants to take home some of that casino poker prize money.

Texas hold 'em is one of the most popular casino poker games. It's become incredibly popular over the last few years, with TV tournaments and casino poker contests capturing the attention and imagination of the casual poker player and hardcore veteran alike. Its rules are simple enough so that you can pick it up in just a couple of hours, and become completely familiar with it all in just a couple of days. The excitement and tension of the game is in the players themselves. Knowing the basics will set you up for playing some good hands. Whereas, knowing how your opponents play poker, in itself, can make you rich.

Before any poker play begins, the small blind and the big blind are paid. These are bets which are placed before anyone sees any cards (hence the name �blinds�). The amount depends on the house rules. For example, a big money casino poker table would have blinds of �100 and �200. This would also be the minimum bet and raise amount. After every round has been completed, the dealer button is passed one player to the left. This is a symbol of the game back in the day, before online casinos, when the players would take turns as the dealer. The player to the immediate left of the dealer button pays the small blind, and the next player to the left pays the big blind.

Everyone does it... but very few do it well. The poker bluff is a refined skill, something that can tilt a game in your favor. It must be used sparingly, and at the appropriate time. In order to know when is the right time to use your bluff, we will first have to study the behavior of the other players in the game.

It is important to understand the betting habits of those at the table, in order to execute a well timed bluff. First, establish yourself as a consistent player, show the others playing with you that you don�t make a bad habit of raising when you are holding a small pair, i.e., deuces, treys, or fours, or holding back and merely calling when blessed with a full house. Establish your particular table character so you can use your bluff effectively. Once you feel you have established your betting identity at a given table, and also have a good read on the betting habits of others, you are now ready for your first bluff.

The two players you have marked as quick bettors raise with their first bets while, at the same time, those you have marked as �rocks� or conservative bettors have either called or folded... leading to your ideal bluff scenario.

Start off with a conservative raise, as you are not trying to scare off the maniacs still in the game. If the quick bettors raise, once again, you are now set to begin betting aggressively with the intent of either building the pot or scaring of those faint of heart. At this point, the knowledgeable players remaining in the game will either decide it is time to fold or, will counter with a call. The novice player marked as a �maniac� will be too enthralled with the size of the pot to back out at this time, which is exactly what you expected.

The ideal poker bluff strategy is what is called a semi-bluff, where you may be holding a pair of low numbered cards that offer a chance at winning the pot against the �maniac� bluffers simply waiting for other players to fold. Using a well executed poker bluff will also help with strong hands, as now the possibility of bluffing has been shown to other players. They may go deeper into a game with an average hand, knowing there is the possibility you are playing another poker bluff. Use it sparingly and your time at the table will be much more enjoyable and profitable!

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