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Basic Pachinko Rules:

Pachinko is a very popular Japanese table game in which multiple balls are launched and dropped through a network of pegs.

You receive bonus balls if you can land a pachinko ball in one of the three bonus areas. The two side bonus areas pay out a bonus of seven balls, while the center bonus area pays out seven balls plus a spin. If the bonus spin reveals three identical symbols, an additional bonus of 50 balls is awarded.

You can control the velocity of the launch by clicking and holding on the launch button. The longer you wait to release the ball, the faster it will come out. There is an indicator beside the launch button that shows the speed of the launch.

You may purchase balls in five or one hundred ball increments and can choose $.05, $.25, $1, or $5 balls. When you decide to cash out, you will receive money equal to the remaining balls multiplied by the money value of the ball.