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Red Dog poker is a true game of chance. Once an initial bet is placed the dealer lays out two cards. At this point, the Player chooses either to double the bet or stand. The goal is to draw a card whose value falls between the dealer's two cards. Payouts are higher depending on the numerical difference between the two exposed cards.

Some Basic Red Dog Rules:

Pay Outs Based on the Point Difference in Values of Exposed Cards.

Possible Cards Payout
1 (e.g. 5,7) 4:1
2 (e.g. 5,8) 3:1
3 (e.g. 5,9) 2:1
4 to 11 1:1
Consecutive (e.g. J, Q) Push
Pair (e.g. 7,7) Push
Three of a Kind 11:1

Note: Aces are always high.

If the value of the third card falls outside the range of the first two, or is equal to one of the exposed cards, you lose. If the two exposed cards are consecutive, all bets are pushed back. If the two exposed cards are equal in value, you will not have the option to raise the bet. An additional card is automatically drawn. If the third card completes a "three of a kind", you receive an 11:1 payout! If one does not achieve three of a kind, the bet is pushed back.